• To enhance the Amelia Campuses ability to serve its students with a well rounded and well funded performing arts program.

  • To provide scholarship aid to deserving students.

  • To assist the teachers and directors of the Amelia Campus performing arts programs in raising the bar of excellence to greater and greater levels.

  • To reengage alumni of AHS and provide opportunities for them to further their love of the performing arts and to provide a conduit for them to help today's students foster that same appreciation.

Band, Chorus, Drama, & Orchestra

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RIB - Smurfs First March

First Steps After a bit of Practice

Amelia High School Christmas Concert 2011 - Concert, Jazz, and Pep Band Performances

Concert Band Jazz and Pep Band

Rhythm in Blue Show Band 2011

Channel 12 News, Friday Night Final

Swagger - Channel 12 Tequila - Channel 12 Shout - Channel 12

Louie Louie - Channel 12 Ironman - Channel 12 In a Gadda Da Vida - Channel 12
Friday Night Final 10/7/2011 Pt. 1 Friday Night Final 10/7/2011 Pt. 2

Homecoming Pep Rally

Drumline Start Marching in Halls Full Band Marching in Halls Marching at Middle School
Band Marching Through Middle School Pep Rally on Front Lawn Band Marching Back to Band Room

Homecoming Game Oct 14, 2011

National Anthem October 14, 2011 Swagger Cadence on Sideline Amelia Cadance on Sideline
Football Tunnel - Homecoming Game

Kenton Ridge Music Festival Oct 22, 2011

Kenton Ridge Festival - October 22