• To enhance the Amelia Campuses ability to serve its students with a well rounded and well funded performing arts program.

  • To provide scholarship aid to deserving students.

  • To assist the teachers and directors of the Amelia Campuses performing arts programs in raising the bar of excellence to greater and greater levels.

  • To reengage alumni of AHS and provide opportunities for them to further their love of the performing arts and to provide a conduit for them to help today's students foster that same appreciation.

Band, Chorus, Drama, & Orchestra

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Shop with Scrip - Papa John's
Kroger Community Rewards - Annual Giving

Introducing the Kroger Community Rewards Program

Kroger Cards - Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a % of your grocery bill benefit you student's involvement in the Amelia Performing Arts Programs. The new Kroger program starts July 10, 2012. You must register your Kroger Plus Card at Please click on the following link for more information..

 Download instructions here!

Annual Giving Campaign

Since the beginning of the AHS PAB we have had a goal to not be a fundraiser for the month club and to not sell product that nobody needs. In order to achieve that goal and the goal of providing scholarships to seniors each spring we need to be purposeful in our fundraising. The Annual Giving Campaign is just that, a pledge campaign to give annually. There are over 400 students at AHS that are involved in the programs supported by the APAB. If half of those students were represented by a $100 tax deductible gift our ability to provide scholarships and other support to the programs would be tremendous. Please consider this as an option in your annual budget and think of the ease of writing one check or adding this to a credit card one time per year.

Support the Performing Arts at the Amelia Campus

Scrip Now

Scrip is really easy to use and allows you to shop with gift cards, at the stores that you already shop at. The difference is that a percentage of the purchase of that card comes back to AHS PAB.
Here is just one example, if you love Chipotle, you could purchase Chipotle cards to use in the store. The cards currently have 9.74% of the card purchase price being returned to the AHS PAB. So every time you dig into a chicken fajita burrito you would be funding a scholarship, helping to purchase new equipment, lowering the fees of a student, or many other things that benifit the performing arts. Awesome! I think you should treat yourself to a burrito today, just make sure you use a Scrip card!

You can learn more at If you have any questions contact Missy Brauckmann at

EVERYONE is encouraged to sign up for the PrestoPay payment option. This will streamline the bookkeeping process for the coordinators, and speed the arrival of our scrip!

The regular monthly scrip purchase order will be finalized on the first Tuesday of each month. Please have your monthly family order placed prior to that date.



Scrip Now

The local Amelia Papa John's franchise has graciuosly choosen the APAB as a partner in Papa John's new Key Tag Promo Code program.

When ordering online or over the phone, just key in, or mention, the promo code "AHSPAB".
The APAB will receive 3% of your total order price directly from Papa John's each month.
The APAB will be distributing a keytag to every student, staff member, and to everyone attending a football game or performing arts program throughout the year.

If you have any questions contact Richard Waddell at